We repair iPhones, Androids, iPods, iPads/Tablets and More!

Whether you have the newest iPhone or are still attached to your iPhone 4, whether you have a Motorola or a Samsung, our technicians can help you with any smartphone repair. We understand that if your device is broken or not working correctly, you will need fast and most importantly dependable repair service. We make it our mission to provide our customers with high quality, efficient and affordable service.

Common Repairs:

Cracked Screen Repair

If you need to replace your broken screen, Smart Point Inc is the place to go. We can repair any smart-phone you may have. Don’t leave your phone for next day pick up, we repair broken or cracked screens and LCDs within minutes.

Battery / Charger Problems

If your battery is suddenly overheating or dying out too fast, we can help you replace it! If it is the charger port that is not working properly, then we have the proper tools and knowledge to diagnose the problem and repair it.

Light Water Damage

If your phone faces any water damage, don’t panic, our experts know exactly what to do! Pushing buttons, turning it on and off, or trying to dry it yourself can further damage your device. Instead bring it to us immediately and we will guide you towards the most effective solution possible.

Microphones and Speakers

Do your speakers sound muffled or distorted? Are you having problems with low audio or no sound? Bring in your device so we can diagnose and repair the problem. We can also repair your microphone if it is no longer picking up sounds.

Jailbreaking and Unlocking

If you have a current phone or device that you would like to use with a different service provider then we can help you! Most devices are locked so that they can only function when they are connected to their original service provider. Instead of having to purchase another device, we can unlock or jailbreak your device so that you can use it with any provider!

Don’t pay an outrageous amount of money or spend days waiting for your phone to be repaired. Smart Point Inc is your trusted phone repair service! We will fix your device fast and at an affordable price! Don’t wait any longer call us now for your FREE ESTIMATE!